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Students of Bond University’s ‘Bachelor of Computer Games’ Take Part in Minecraft Lectures During Floods



Many University degrees have different facilities which are unique to their department – if you are studying medicine or biomedical science you can expect to spend some time in a research lab while if you are studying law a university would often provide a plethora of mock courtrooms.

BUT what if you are studying a Bachelor of Computers Games?

Will you spend your time in a computer lab?

A room with a bunch of televisions in it?

A simple lecture theater? (Okay so that might be unavoidable)

What about a room with all three of these merged together into one awesome gaming learning environment (My words)…. and say, throw on a name like the “Level Up Lab”. Hidden deep within the labyrinth of computer labs at Bond University, a private university in Queensland, Australia is the Level Up Lab – a Bachelor of Computer Games exclusive learning environment which provides everything a student would need to study, appreciate, develop and enjoy gaming.

Earlier this week saw Cyclone Oswald affect the eastern coast of Australia, and Queensland was hit particularly badly. The damage caused and flooding resulted in Bond University shutting its doors for a couple of days at the beginning of the week. This may have allowed students to have a few extra days off to study, relax or play video games…. Project Mineclass took shape – bringing part of what has made Second Life such a useful educational tool to Minecraft.


Professor Jeffrey Brand of Bond University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – alongside a team of students formed the “Minecraft Uni Project” – with the aim of recreating at least part of the Bond University campus in Minecraft. At the moment the most prominent recreation is the Arch Building which the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, amongst other faculties and services call their home. While I have yet to take a look at this world with my own two eyes, some highlighted areas include the library which they have posted up Class Notes to and a recreation of the Level Up Lab… which held host to the recent event.

Instead of running around outside splashing in puddles, on the Tuesday class members logged into the Minecraft world and through the use of presentation software Prezi and IM software, they hosted their class in Minecraft – with all the usual benefits you would expect to find in a Computer Games subject…. XP for correct or innovative answers to questions, TNT and a wrap-up party involving fireworks. The class went for over an hour and a half – and judging from student responses turned out to be a success.

The question is… just how long will it be until we see Minecraft’s name popping up in more and more academic papers?


While Bond University does come with a greater number of student fees (As you would expect from a private university), many of their degrees are fast-tracked allowing you to complete your standard Bachelors Degree in two years via their three semesters a year program with the prospect of getting you out into the industry sooner. This semester saw their last intake for the Bachelor of Computer Games. Beginning the May 2013 semester this will be replaced with the Bachelor of Interactive Media and Design – and while it doesn’t seem to offer all the gaming foundation subjects outright – offers you the choice of making one of your two majors in the field.

As this is being called ‘The Minecraft Uni Project’, don’t expect this news to be the last we hear of it. You can check out more by visiting the projects blog HERE. For more on Bond University and their degrees, check out the official website HERE. I look forward to hearing more on this project as the year progresses.

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