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A Look at Your Castle Base in Demon Gaze



Developed by the Japanese studio Experience, Demon Gaze is an upcoming dungeon crawler RPG for the Playstation Vita – set for release near the end of this month in Japan with no word on any international release. As a dungeon crawling RPG, one important factor is the hub world or “base” where you come to stock up, heal and so forth after your quest. In this game…. it is this castle with the latest batch of screenshots covering the game focusing on its interior.

Floor1 Floor2 Floor3

The castle “Dragon Princess Castle” is split up into three different floors, each with a different amenities and services for your party. On the first floor you have access to the bathhouse, Basement, Salon and Entrance Way, on the second floor you have access to bedrooms for party to reside and on the third floor you have access to “conveniently” placed item and weapon shops, and additional rooms for the residents.


Aside from the bathhouse *Coff*, you will spend most of your time on the first floor in the Salon. As you might expect, in the Salon you can undertake different quests and report on them once complete.

Basement Basement2

In the basement resides Promesse, who serves as this games healer. However in addition to her ability to heal and revive party members, she is also able to extract ether from your equipment which can be used to power up the other equipment you have.

Item 1Item2Weapon1Weapon2

On the third floor resides the Item Shop and Armory, run by Lezeluma and Kastle Lezeluma is a young elf who has an extensive knowledge of magic but regularily gets drunk and starts fights (Particularly with Kastle). On the other hand, Kastle has a hot personality, is clumsy and is looking for a particular hidden treasure.

Venus1 Venus2

In addition to the layout of the castle, Experience also released some artwork focusing on a newly announced demon “Venus”, who as with the previous ones have both a normal and rampage form. Defeating her will allow you to utilize a number of new skills to your party – including “Golden Protection” which increases the amount of EXP and Money you acquire after battle and the “Golden Shell” which forms barriers to mitigate the effect/damage of magic and special attacks cast upon your party.

Additional screenshots for everything mentioned above and more can be viewed below. These include being able to furnish your room for certain perks, additional screenshots for the characters above and of the new demon Venus.

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