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New Trailer For Persona 4 Golden Focuses on New Features


While (unfortunately) we still have more than a month to wait until the English release Persona 4 Golden on the Playstation Vita, this has not stopped the folks at ATLUS USA from making the wait slightly more unbearable by releasing a “New Features” trailer for the game.

This trailer promotes new features within the game including:

  • The new social link Marie – who is not the only new social link added to the game but the only non-playable social link to have more relevance to the storyline than just increasing your social link level (Asides from Margaret).
  • New Events and animated cutscenes.
  • A whole new area to explore “Okina City” which made only brief appearances in the original Playstation 2 release
  • New Attacks including attacks using motorized scooters
  • New Personas

Persona 4 Golden is set to hit store shelves from the 20th November 2012. An European release is also set to be launched in 2013 by NIS America.

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