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More Information Unveiled on Disgaea Dimension 2


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In this weeks issue of Dengeki Playstation, there was an interview with Shogo Kozakai, producer of the recently announced Playstation 3 game Disgaea Dimension 2.

Announced the other week, there was little made public about this game beside its title, console and select artwork. In the interview, it was confirmed that rather be a new installment in the Disgaea series Disgaea Dimension 2 is a continuation of the original Disgaea game which has seen releases on the Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable. It follows Laharl alongside Etna and Flonne who were the main characters of the original and have since appeared in the other games – to some extent desiring to reclaim their status as main characters.

Disgaea D2 is set to take the best features of both Disgaea 1 and Disgaea 4, plus adding its own unique elements to it. They also confirmed that while little to no information is known about it, that they are currently preparing development of Disgaea 5.

[Translation Source: Gematsu]

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