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Nintendo of Australia Formally Confirm Details on Wii U, Including Suggested Retail Price for the Country


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Following today’s European Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo Australia have announced that their latest home console, Wii U, will launch across Australia and New Zealand on 30th November 2012. The Wii U is an HD console that offers more choice and variety of gameplay than ever before, with brand new gaming experiences enabled by the Wii U GamePad controller, whether playing alone or together with friends. The Wii U GamePad offers an integrated second screen and can also be used independently of the TV set with certain software.

Two launch hardware packs were announced along with the strongest line-up of launch software in Nintendo history. These include third-party heavy hitters such as FIFA 13 from Electronic Arts,  Activision’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, Ubisoft’s ZombiU and Rayman Legends as well as in-house titles like Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. The Nintendo Direct presentation also revealed previously unannounced upcoming software titles exclusive to Wii U, such as Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Bayonetta II, and even bigger surprise developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo.

Now Let’s Get Down to Prices!

The Wii U Basic Pack at the SRP AU $349.95 features a Wii U console with 8GB internal storage and a Wii U GamePad, both in white.

The Wii U Premium Pack at the SRP AU $429.95 contains a black Wii U console and Wii U GamePad, and with 32GB of internal storage provides more space for downloadable digital content. The Premium Pack also contains a stand for the GamePad and console, a charging cradle for the GamePad, a sensor bar and the Nintendo Land software. Both packs also feature an HDMI cable and AC adapters for console and GamePad.

At this moment, the New Zealand prices have yet to be announced but should follow shortly.

Now onto the Games That Will Be Available on Launch Day (or thereabouts)

  • New Super Mario Bros. U: The new 2D platform game introduces a giant world map full of distinctive courses to discover. The GamePad can be used to play solo when the TV is in use and can also be used to assist other players when playing co-operatively. An all-new test of players’ Super Mario skills appears in Boost Rush mode, where auto-scrolling courses scroll faster the more coins you pick up, while in Challenge Mode any course can offer completely different gameplay depending on the specific nature of the challenge at hand. From Time Attack to 1-Up challenges, even Mario veterans will need to bring their best game to beat the record!


  • Nintendo Land: Each of the 12 attractions in this theme park  packed with famous Nintendo  franchises is a standalone game with multiple levels and gameplay modes. New Metroid Blast footage showed both co-operative and versus multiplayer shooting action, with different roles assigned to players using the GamePad or Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers. InThe Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest players can clear nine  quests  leading to new unlockable levels on their own or working together, using bow and arrows on the GamePad or sword and shield using a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk, while solo players can also enjoy the game’s Time Attack mode.


  • FIFA 13: Built on the authenticity, innovation and connection to the real-world of football that the FIFA franchise is known for, the game delivers revolutionary new ways to play FIFA that bring players of all abilities together, making it the most accessible FIFA console game ever made.


  • ZombiU: New footage from this exclusive survival horror first-person shooter revealed the Tower of London location as well as  the Survival Mode in which the player only has one life to survive. The new video also showed the Weapon Crafting feature that allows players to customise their equipment directly on the GamePad, the use of a spraycan to leave messages made up from symbols for other players, plus new online features in which online friends who are turned into zombies will then turn up in the player’s game.


  • RAYMAN LEGENDS : A video featuring series creator Michel Ancel highlighted how this new 2D platform game creates a unique  gameplay dynamic due to the different roles enjoyed by players depending on which controller they are using. The capabilities of the GamePad allow for a very tactile interaction with the game world – pulling objects, turning parts of the level around, protecting the other players and many other unique examples that require ongoing communication between all players too succeed.


  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II: The most groundbreaking and viscerally immersive Call of Duty® experience yet. Rooted in near-future fiction, the title features an epic single-player campaign highlighted by branching storylines and non-linear missions, plus a re-imagined multiplayer that introduces players to some of the most cutting-edge weaponry and equipment that 2025 will have to offer.


  • Mass Effect 3 – Special Edition: In a fight to save the galaxy in this third-person action game with RPG elements and an immersive storyline, players can use the GamePad for a new level of tactical control over the battlefield. An interactive back-story comic gets beginners up to speed on this epic saga while the inclusion of the “Extended Cut” endgame content completes the package.

In addition to these games, the following is a list provided by Nintendo which outlines all the titles they envision will be released either at launch or during the launch window (Between December 2012 – March 2013)

2K Sports
NBA 2K13

Activision Publishing, Inc.
007 Legends
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Skylanders Giants
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Disney Interactive
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Electronic Arts
Mass Effect 3: Special Edition
Madden NFL 13

Trine 2™: Director’s Cut

Gaijin Games
Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe Inc.
Rise of the Guardians
Ben 10 Omniverse
Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade

Nintendo Land
New Super Mario Bros. U
NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge
LEGO City: Undercover
Game & Wario

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Nano Assault Neo

Tecmo Koei
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper

Darksiders 2

Two Tribes
Toki Tori 2

Assassin’s Creed III
Just Dance 4
Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth
Rabbids Land
Sports Connection
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
Rayman Legends

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Scribblenauts Unlimited
Game Party Champions
Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition

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