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Hyperdimension Neptunia V – A Very Fashionable Trailer / Kid and Teen Forms Unveiled for IF, Compa and Piishe


Due for release at the end of the month, Hyperdimension Neptunia V (Neptune V) is Compile Hearts third installment in the series which features a unique take on the console wars – featuring characters representing the different game consoles and gaming companies who team up against a great threat looming over Gameindustri (or otherwise babbling about each others consoles and making not so vague game references). The fifth trailer for the game which was released only recently by Compile Heart focuses on the games character customization elements – both in normal and CPU form, including accessories, costume changes and CPU form parts.

In addition, it has been confirmed through their official website that returning “Game company” characters Compa (Compile Heart) and If (IF) alongside a new character who seemingly resembles the PC (ピーシェ – Piishe) will not be limited to their originally shown “Baby” form, but will also appear also in Kid form and their more characteristic teen forms (IF and Compa only for teen form at the moment). It is not certain yet if IF and Compa will return as playable characters, for which they have served as the main non-CPU characters for both games.

As always, this game remains exclusive to the Playstation 3. Nippon Ichi Software America has made no official announcement as to if they will acquire the rights to this title as they have the previous two.

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