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Capcom Release New Information on Upcoming Dragon’s Dogma Demo / Patch + Introduce New Pawn Community Contest


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Despite the game being released several months ago now, Capcom is still busy actively promoting its rather successful action RPG Dragon’s Dogma with DLC content and new updates such as the three in this article. Capcom have just sent around notices detailing the following:

New Demo Incoming

You may recall just before the game was released that Capcom released the first demo for the game. This demo allowed you to create your own Main Character and Pawn, and test them out in a mini-boss battle, alongside playing the games tutorial mode which made use of the games default characters. The company have announced that a brand new demo will be available from next week. Exclusive to PlayStation 3 owners, the demo will feature the game’s Prologue, access to Dragon’s Dogma’s in-depth character customisation screen before the player embarks on a quest to defeat the mighty Hydra and deliver one of its three heads to the castle. As with the original demo, players will be able to carry their character’s save data into the full main game.

The demo will be available from August 15th in Europe and on the North American PlayStation Store on August 21st.

New Patch

Dragon’s Dogma is not that difficult a game, and I think the only times I really recieved a game over was during the games post-game boss the Ur-Dragon and once or twice with my main character stumbled over the edge of a cliff. Capcom have announced however that Dragon’s Dogma has now recieved a patch unlocking an all new easy mode for both Playstation 3 and XBox360 versions.

“The Gran Soren Times” Competition

Starting from today, players will be able to participate in a new competition being held on the Pawn Community website, The Gran Soren Times.  Players will be able to submit in-game screenshots taken using the photo sharing feature in Dragon’s Dogma into three different categories: The Fairest MaidensThe Most Dashing Gentlemen, and The Most Unique Myrmidons.  Winning entries will receive exclusive avatars for PSN or Xbox Live and 18 very lucky grand prize winners – six each from Europe, North America and Japan – will have their pawns showcased in the “Special Pawn” area of the Rift (Which potentially means lots and lots of recruits).

For more information be sure to check out The Gran Soren Times at http://game.capcom.co.jp/DD/en/top/


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