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The Nothing Battles Music Set Released for RPG Maker


The Nothing Battles Music Set Released for RPG Maker 1

Degica (Behind the release of the RPG Maker series to the English market) have announced that they are offering a new music set for their RPG Maker line of games. This set of tracks has been composed by IG-Maker tutorial wizard and composer Kain Vinosec, with the tracks on his latest album “The Nothing Battles” being remastered for the RPG Maker series and have been released to help get you out of a spot where no track in your current list is not awesome enough to suit the mood.

The Nothing Battles features fourteen instrumental hard rock tracks which may just go well as a normal or boss battle theme where your game requires it. With these tracks you might even just choose your favorite and use it for the final boss to your game to wrap up the game in a distinguishable way. For the first 2 weeks, you can pick this set up at a 2 week introductory price of $4.99. For a preview of the first five tracks and to purchase this set, check out the official website HERE.

Bring Some Excitement To Your Soundtrack!
Most of the music you hear in RPG/IG Maker games consists of digital compositions and while there isn’t anything wrong with that it can be nice to hear a real guitar wail in the background while you put the smack down on a boss fight or explore a treacherous dungeon. The Nothing Battles from Kain Vinosec will make your game stand out and rock the gamers just a little bit harder.


Better Than Buying An Album
For this low price you get nearly an hour of varied hard rock instrumentals that you can use royalty free in your commercial and non-commercial RPG/IG Maker projects.

RPG/IG Maker Friendly 
Featuring looped OGG Vorbis files for RPG Maker VX/Ace and WAVs for IG Maker. 

Includes MP3s 
Ever just want to listen to the music from your game? The MP3 version of the album is included as a bonus! 

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