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Square Enix Show Final Fantasy XI Still Going Strong – Announce Seekers of Adoulin Expansion Pack


Only last year Square Enix released Final Fantasy XIV, what would be to some extents a numbered online successor to Final Fantasy XI which has now been running for around a decade and has seen releases on a number of consoles from the PC and XBox360 to the Playstation 2. While Final Fantasy XIV is charging ahead with its Version 2.0 update which will hopefully bring the game into line with what fans were hoping from the game (Facing lackluster responses from gamers today), Square Enix has still not given up on its predecessor and has recently announced the games next expansion pack – Seekers of Adoulin (Adoulin no Makyou in Japan).

The last expansion pack was released in 2007 “Wings of the Goddess” so people have been waiting for a fair while for new content – and this pack will include two additional job classes including “Geomancer” and a mystery one alongside brand new lands filled with quests. Other than this…. time will tell what else they have in store for this pack.

This will be released to the English market through both XBox360 and the PC while in Japan it will also be released on the Playstation 2 assumingly. Irrespective of console and region, expect to see new life in the game during 2013.

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