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A Ten Minute Preview Video for Surge Concerto


With only a few days until release, Gust have released a ten minute preview video of Surge Concerto: Ciel Nosurge. Gust have been known to produce RPG series with interesting ideas behind them – such as the Atelier series which focuses on collecting items in order to create better items and a profit through alchemy and the Ar Tonelico series which has song as the source of girls magical power.

Surge Concerto is a little bit different in which they seem to drop the RPG element entirely, instead opting to make the game a life simulator where you watch the daily life of main character Ion in what seems to be a text-heavy visual novel style of game with a few extras attached. This trailer showcases ten minutes of gameplay, and while not fully translated the Ar Tonelico aesthetic and music theming is interesting.

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