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The [email protected]: Gravure 4 You Vol. 5 to Give More “Camera” Functionality


While I am sure there would only be a small portion of readers on this site who would be buying this given the rather expensive cost (At least to me), it is good to see that The [email protected]: Gravure 4 You will beĀ receivingĀ a few minor tweaks in order to give players more camera like functionality with their controls. These inclusions are:

  1. Included support for controller motion sensor – By tilting the controller from side to side, the PS3 controllers motion sensor capabilities will tilt the screen to the respective side at a 45 degree angle depending on the preferences you set.
  2. Different Image Sizes – While it seems like the game originally only gave you a full size, you will now be able to choose one of three sizes, each of which give a more square image in total (Essentially from a widescreen image to something along the lines of 4:3. In none of these circumstances will the screens actual resolution change.)
  3. The ability to display a black border
  4. The ability to add guidelines to the screen in order to effectively plan your shot.
  5. Vignetting

According to the recent Dengeki news article, the game will also offer other improvements such as support accessories (Such as Nekomimi) and photo comments. You can see sample images of the different volumes under the Gravure 4 U tag.

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