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Namco Bandai Partners Unleash Touch My Katamari Launch Trailer Into The General Public


The Katamari Damacy franchise is one that shows how a simple concept for a game can be used well and be successful over many releases over several consoles. The latest installment in the series – Touch My Katamari was released today for the Playstation Vita and while I have personally not been able to get around to playing it yet, Namco Bandai EU/Partners released this brief launch trailer to provide a look at the game and how it makes use of the Vita’s control systems to breathe new life into the game.

For the latest installment in the Katamari series, Touch My Katamari, the King of All Cosmos has a whole new bunch of weird and wonderful missions in store as you once again step into the shoes of his son, the prince. Use the PlayStation®Vita touch controls to stretch, squeeze and roll your Katamari ball around the environments and gather up every possible object to make it grow and restore order to the universe.

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