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EB Expo 2011 – Opening Ceremony – Live Feed Archive


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Hey Folks,

While my original live feed post still stands for Day 1 and can be seen HERE, I have decided that for those of you who would like to see my thoughts in a specific session will enjoy reading my posts on each individual session, which will have images and the like added to as I can grab them off my camera. These are a mix of information and personal opinion, and whilst it might not be the best you had read – I like other people in attendance were drawn to keeping my eyes affixed on the proceedings, without the benefit of another staff member in attendance.

Opening Ceremony

Sat 09:57

Back to expo teaser trailer…. Not so much screaming this time around.

Sat 09:49

Motorbike stunt is motocross….

Sat 09:49

Expo is now officially open… And the media seats are really close to the fire that just shot out for the motorbike stunt show or whatever it is…

Sat 09:47

In terms of numbers, they have not filled the auditorium but the crowd is still at least several thousand at least and when they are excited about a game, the people in Jupiters Casino next to the convention center could most probably hear.

Sat 09:43

People are cheering, and it seems most of us media have our heads glued to our iPads or whatnot.

Sat 09:41

Nothing like a showcase of the events the eb store managers got to enjoy during the managerial session earlier this week. Almost an incentive to open up a store yourself.

Sat 09:39

Why the ear raping thumping music D=

Sat 09:36

More events to come in the future?

Sat 09:35

Managing director of EB Games has just come on stage to I assume welcome people with a 100 slide PowerPoint presentation?

Sat 09:34

Ubisoft and the Black Eyed Peas dancing experience was a rather fun way of promoting Dance Central…. Of course, flashing lights and trying to find seats was an interesting combination.

Sat 09:01

Challenge 1

Finding out where to pick up pass…lol, people are everywhere!

Sat 07:47

Welcome to my EB Expo Live Blog. Currently it is a little bit more then two hours until the event starts.

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