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Elevator Action Deluxe – Screenshots


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The year was 1983… I would not be born for several years yet but it was a time where arcades were booming and it was one of the primary past-times of youth. This is also the year when Taito first released their game Elevator Action – which as you can see above was a simplistic yet seemingly highly enjoyable game that used the concept of a complex maze of elevators to navigate the building, avoid/defeat guards, steal documents (You play as a spy) and get your backside out of the building via the escape car at the bottom of the building. The concept was simple – true, but even in 2011 this game is still going strong.

Square Enix has recently announced their intentions on doing a Playstation Network release for the PS3 version of this title, with new HD Graphics, a local 4-Player Multiplayer mode among other things that should be revealed as more is made known about the game. For those who like retro games as well – they will also be including the full version of the original game as well!

Interested? You won’t have to wait long… the game is due out on the 30th of August in North America and should be out around that time for other regions. Yes, this game has been classified in Australia as PG and as the Applicant was Namco Bandai Partners, should be released over here soon (Special mention as Aussie’s do occasionally miss out on releases). 

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