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The [email protected] 2, Coming to PS3? About Time!


The Idolm@ster 2, Coming to PS3? About Time! 1

It seems to have been a major gripe for many, that the highly successful XBox360 game “The [email protected]” never received an English release or even an appearance on a non-portable console that was not region locked. However, it seems like this may change.

The gaming website Siliconera has reported that thanks to magazine leaks, they have been able to find out that The Idol [email protected] 2, the sequel to the popular game series that was released on XBox360 will also be making an appearance on the PS3 on the 27th October 2011 with plenty of bonus content, as quoted below:

Game balance has been adjusted and the PlayStation 3 version includes a difficulty mode for beginners. The[email protected] 2 also has hyper mode for expert players.The [email protected] 2 has a ton of downloadable content. Some of it will be available on-disc in the PlayStation 3 release. Clothes, accessories, and songs from the first to third DLC catalog are on-disc.

Now, you may ask why I am reporting on this as I generally only report on English release games? This is because of the PS3 being region unlocked, you will be able to play the Japanese version on your PS3 consoles regardless of what region you are in. I think it is about time this game series gets a release on the Playstation 3, considering how well the three editions of the game on the PSP sold. Being sold for 7,980 yen as a standalone game with all the bonus content above, or an astronomical 19,800 yen with the first volume of the anime (Blu-ray) and a Magazine… I think I will be sticking with the standalone game.

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