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Devil Survivor Overclocked – Full Website Released


Devil Survivor Overclocked - Full Website Released 1

As Devil Survivor Overclocked, the 3DS remake of the original DS game is due out this season, ATLUS has finally announced that the official website for the game has been released. Whilst the website is not fully up yet, with some sections blanked out for future release, primarily the new features section, the main things such as Storyline, Character Profiles and Media are up for your perusal. With that, as the Character Profiles are up, you are able to enjoy your first glimpse of the voice acting this game has to offer, and you should get used to it, as this game is supposed to have over 20,000 lines of voiced dialogue, including characters and demons (As seen by the Fully Voiced trailer under NEW). The English Voice Acting is actually really good, and captures the personalities of each of the character well. However as with every other ATLUS game, I am going to expect there will be people who dislike it and will demand the Japanese voice acting alongside it. Let me just say now…. they will not be adding Japanese dubs to the game, so I do hope you enjoy the English Dubs! Either way, it is better then not having any like the original release right?

I will, at the moment at least, not be getting a copy of this game due to the region lock placed on all 3DS consoles and it is unjustifiable to purchase two 3DS’s just to play both US and Australian released games, however I do hope I will get a chance to review this version of the game at some point, as the 8th Day added to this remake looks interesting.

If you are interested in visiting the new and improved website, the link is as follows: http://www.atlus.com/devilsurvivor3ds/

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