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‘Love is Over’ Catherine Deluxe Edition Announced


'Love is Over' Catherine Deluxe Edition Announced 1
The above image is of the Playstation 3 ‘Love is Over’ Catherine Deluxe Edition package. There is an XBox360 set as well with the exact same contents but with an XBox360 disc instead of Playstation 3.

I was going to save this for my second The Otaku’s Gaming Study, however I am saving that until later this week, and instead doing a preview of this set now. Catherine, if you do not already know, is a game about a two-timing man named Vincent, who is torn between his love Katherine and his blonde, younger looking mid-life crisis girlfriend Catherine. However, he is also torn with mysterious nightmares which involve pits of hell, block puzzles and lots and lots of goats (Read the articles under the game catergory Catherine for more information).

I like collectors editions that are smart with how they do things…. Whilst it is nice to receive a figure or an artbook, I have been one who really likes the game-relative special items that tie into the game (Such as Bioshock 2 and all the time period styled posters). Catherine is taking this route, with a number of bonus items, which are as forth:

  1. EITHER a Playstation 3 or XBox360 copy of the game (Do note that the XBox360 version will most probably be region locked).
  2. A pizza box from the Stray Sheep, a bar from the game which all the main characters hang out at to store all the goodies.
  3. You think those boxers that you will be seeing Vincent wear a lot in the game look hot? Well GUESS WHAT! You can dress up your boyfriend or yourself in a replica pair of large pink polkadot boxers.
  4. What about that rather stylish (…..) Empty Hearts shirt that you will see Catherine bring into the bedroom with her? Well you also get a Mens Large version of the shirt as well….. perfect for your daily stroll in your new Empty Hearts shirt and Vincent’s Boxers.
  5. Whilst it is not a hug pillow, you can also fall asleep with your head well placed within Catherines rack (….. if anyone I know reads this… don’t judge me) with a pillow case with a lingere wearing Catherine on the front.

For both the normal edition and the collectors edition, they are also including the following:

  1. A Catherine Soundtrack sporting 11 of the best songs in the game from Shoji Meguro (Persona music overlord).
  2. A 5.25″ x 6.75″ 36 page artbook, featuring the best art and character designs from the game!

Personally, I would have LOVED it if they had more Katherine on the box (Katherine > Catherine to me), however, it has some good game tie-ins and whilst they may not be anything over the top special and pricey, it is definately a creative pack that is well worth the extra $20 you throw in….. The regular edition retails at $US 59.99 and the deluxe edition retails at $US 79.99.

Future updates on this game will most probably come through The Otaku’s Gaming Study.

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