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EB Games X – Announcement


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We have a lot of conventions for Anime and Manga in Australia, which are held at least every few months at different locations around Australia, however we haven’t had a proper public games convention for ages, definately no since this site opened. Therefore it is my pleasure to offer to you the latest Gaming Convention to hit Australia, the EB Games X gaming convention. Whilst it is still very hush hush, their website (http://ebgames.com.au) has a special banner saying (SOMETHING BIG IS COMING). Clicking on it will cause static to appear (http://whatwherewhen.ebgames.com.au/) on the page and bring you to a questionaire. For the sake of speeding things along, the answers are:

Letter Choice: EB Games _(X)_
Location: Gold Coast (The bottom right selection in Queensland)
Month Choice: October

More news will be available it seems in the live announcement in 5 days from now around this time (7:30PM AEST). There is currently no information available about the publishers and developers that will be there, however it is almost certain to be at the Gold Coast Exhibition Center. As this event is very local to me, I will definately be attending, and hope I can bring everyone another live blog from the event (Which I guarantee will be better then the Supanova one where I drowned in over 20k of people attending the event).

Are you excited?
I am excited…..

Will The Otaku’s Study be there?
I say YES!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! I was hoping for more conventions in the area… This is really exciting XD Also, I just stumbled on your blog (looking for more Aussie bloggers that share my interests ^^) and I’m really enjoying reading your posts so far!

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