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Sam’s E3 Expo Summaries and Comments


Sam's E3 Expo Summaries and Comments 1

Note: This post will remain stickied (At the top of the post list) until the end of the E3 Expo. Normal posts will be accessible by scrolling down.

The E3 Expo will be starting in just a few short hours and unfortunately I shall be in bed when it starts off with the Microsoft Press Conference. Since I have a bit of spare time this week, every so often, I will be making comments regarding each of the companies consoles announcements. I won’t have any live coverage unless something big is announced whilst I am awake, but there should be updates every day with a big conclusion at the end…. After the events, this will all be archived into a page for easier viewing.

I encourage readers to post their comments as well, I might miss something or make a mistake occasionally so any feedback would be great! Even if you don’t find an error, I always like hearing everyones thoughts. Also note that I will try to exclude any bias I have and will not target anyone based on their choices in games or console. That being said, since I do play certain consoles over others, there may be more content on one console over another. Overall through, consider it like a bigger twitter feed without the 150 word limit!

Anyway, I shall try to add some funny remarks during the presentation and will critically analyse at times (I am training to become a researcher, got to be critical in a non-biased way)






Note that in the event of there being an interesting multiplatform game, I will most probably put it in the Sony section where applicable or both if there is a big announcement. I will not be covering any title and it is at my discretion as to what I review.

For all the live up-to-date content and trailers, go here.

Sam's E3 Expo Summaries and Comments 4
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