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[Granado Espada Forum] June CCrew Quest: The character best represents my father


June Community Crew Quest Event: The RNPC/Character that best represents my father

Duration: June 01, 2010 – June 30, 2010


– You may include a picture of the RNPC / Character if you want but it is optional to do so. Size of the picture must not exceed 800×600 pixels. Using Photoshop and any other photo-editing software is allowed, but reminder, the picture might not necessarily help you in adding grade to your entry, so post at your own liking.

– You are to write a short description of not more than 100 words on why the RNPC / Character best represents your father.


– Players are to choose only one MALE RNPC/Character that best represents their fathers.
– One Entry per person.
– Do not insult your father, it’s father’s day afterall, so let bygones be bygones.

Entry format :
Family Name :
Server :

RNPC / Character chosen :

Description :

Criteria for judging:
– Originality
– Relevance to proposed RNPC / Character

Prize :

3x Fairy Wings – 30 days

Sample Entry:
Family Name : Keisaku
Server : Rembrandt

RNPC / Character : Claude Baudez

Description :
Claude best represents my father because they are alike to each other in terms of their appearance, in which they’re both quite bald with a beer belly and they have a very authoritative personality.
However, deep within those strict qualities lies a kind and caring man who does what is best for their children and thus, can be quite unreasonable at times.

Special thanks to Keisaku for the event idea. Other CCs, Mods, and IAH Staffs for their ideas, and the prizes.

Submit your entry here.
Discuss it here.

I was the main organizer of Community Crew events for well over a year back when the crew originally formed, however the current Community Crew really have surprised me with everything they have been able to come up with! I hope you can take part if you are a Granado Espada player! Also would like to list the current Community Crew and Mod team so if you have any problems, they are the people to ask for help!

  • AUGLab
  • DANamic
  • Filamented Fern
  • Geek of Spades
  • Keisaku
  • Miyu
  • P3r1le
  • Rothschild
  • Straightener
  • WyvernitE
  • Desmond
  • Merquise
  • Rinkaru
  • Sam
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