Edit: All been sorted out, support was rather quick and detailed the reasons in what seems to be a non-canned response way. Compliments to their support 🙂

I was going to post up a review of the online game Atlantica Online today, which I have been playing for the week and I have almost fallen in love with it. HOWEVER, I log in today to find my account banned for whatever reason. I have sent in a support ticket and HOPEFULLY they will respond ASAP so I can get this review underway.

This will also allow me to add a new category to the reviews “CUSTOMER SERVICE” which I think is a big thing for any gaming company, thus why I choose to aid the IAHGames forums. Of course, that being said, if I cannot access the game and its materials, the review shall be without any visual stimulation and it might lose some marks as I cannot get reference material.

That being said, I have enjoyed it up until now and a shout out goes to all of my guildies xD!

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