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White Knight Chronicles – Initial Thoughts


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White Knight Chronicles is a game which I have been waiting for since the initial trailer graced our computer monitors a few years ago at E3. Whilst this should have been overshadowed by the epic trailer of Final Fantasy XIII among other series, something about it managed to keep my attention over these long tiring years, and now I have it in my hands. Whilst I have only had about half a dozen hours experience with the game, I would like to offer my initial thoughts on this game. Read if after the jump!

When you load up the game you are dragged into a custom character creation screen. Great you may think, you can make your own self a main character in the game. Well that is only partly true…. you are present from the beginning of the game, however you are completely forgotten like you are some invisible stalker than no one else can see, sense or talk to. Of course, getting over that as soon as I got control of the main character Leonard…. I switched control over to my own avatar as heck, it is me and I SHOULD BE CONTROLLING THEM even if no one else will interact them… as I had no intention for him to be left to rot in the non-battling party list.

I did the whole rescue the princess, lose the princess, get the knights power and still fail to save the princess which seemed very Mario-like which then allowed me to unlock Geonet and Georama. Geonet is a sort of online community in which you can inteact with other players through blogs/forums/email and through visiting each others Georama’s which are small towns in which you can customise and form parties in.

So I thought I would plow through a few online missions. I had a party of three of us new players and you would think that the first online quest would be easy, right? Well, it quickly turned into a blood bath… with the blood coming from my party. It was later discovered that there was a Level 8 minimum recommendation. So I was forced to grind through more levels in the offline mode to reach an appropriate level to even have a chance of completing the level. These online quests have you doing anything from killing X Creatures, Rescuing kids trapped deep down in a mine (After all, kids like going into spider infested mines) and placing flowers are shrines. Usually there is a considerable boss fight at the end which is a giant monster which you must all defeat, with all of you lacking any White Knight transformation abilities. I would say most of the time I was playing online with keyboard and wireless headset ready, and it played really well overall.

The rest of the storyline felt a bit slow, however I am slowly getting through it, often taking regular breaks to update my georama or to do another online quest (Which gains items and levels for your custom avatar). It is nice how that all armor causes your characters appearance to change with it and that it remains like this through most of the cutscenes. With the number of equipment options, it was a pleasant surprise.

Overall, I really look forward to seeing how many more dozen hours that this game can offer me. Full review should be done sometime next week.

Any incorrect spelling or grammatical errors would be due to the late hour of me typing this review up. I hope you understand.

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