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A Granado Espada/Dragonica Christmas and Final Fantasy XIV Beta Testing Opportunities


A Granado Espada/Dragonica Christmas and Final Fantasy XIV Beta Testing Opportunities 1

It is the time of year again where we can all celebrate Christmas in all its forms! Once again, IAHGames has spared no effort into planning their Christmas festivities. For Granado Espada, they have the following on offer:

  • E-Cards to send out to friends and family
  • Santa Hellena’s Christmas Special which gives a variety of new items in the new Hellena game, with reduced prices and new things on offer all the time, see if you can get some Christmas stuff (There are also some free ticket stuff going out. One ticket = 1 hour of gameplay.
  • 100% Experience Boost! whilst not being specifically for Christmas, thanks to the generous people who donated blood in a donation drive held last week, until Christmas Eve, there is a 100% experience gain boost for everyone!
  • Summon Angel got an old friend looking to rejoin the game? Get them to login and they will get a lot of benefits provided they havent logged in for a period of time. Everyone else who logged in a week or so efore the event started will have a surprise in their Adelina Booty Search

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A Granado Espada/Dragonica Christmas and Final Fantasy XIV Beta Testing Opportunities 2

If I may say, Dragonica takes the cake when it comes to Christmas related ingame content. Some of the Christmas features are:

  • Main towns have recieved a facelift and are covered in snow, Christmas trees and snowmen!
  • Some music has changed to be more Christmas themed!
  • Loading screens have been changed to Christmas themed, as well as the login screen.
  • For 9,999 Cash Points, you can purchase a 30-Day Christmas costume for your class and it comes with a bonus Christmas badge. Unlike other event badges, this improves the skill level of a major skill for that class and gives out a slight stat bonus to those who wear it. If not, other christmas cash shop items can be bought for a small fee. Also included are Tamago, which can drop special costumes or beneficial items to gameplay.
  • E-Card Design Contest – Celebrate the holidays this year by joining the DGN Christmas E-CARD Design Contest! Send us your very own DGN Christmas E-Card and if we like it, you could win 60 Days Full Set Christmas Outfit and 10,000 Cash Points! Aside from that, you can SEND the selected winning E-Cards to your friends and love ones. The more sending out the E-Cards, the more chances of winning!
  • Ode to Christmas Event – Celebrate the holidays this year with the entire DGN Community by joining the Forum Event! We’ll lighten up the season in El Grego and Faeras Continents with not one, not two, but three contests! We will be holding a Fan Fiction Contest, a Fan Art Contest and a Fan Signature Contest. The entries with the most inspiring messages and holiday spirit that touches our hearts will win awesome in-game prizes!
  • Carole-oke Event – On 12-13 and 19-20 Dec 2009, GMs will be broadcasting Xmas carol lines in-game. First 5 gamers to reply with the correct missing words for each song will win Sagittarius armor and 10,000 cash points each.
  • 20% EXP Boost – Celebrate the milestone along with the holiday festivities, gamers will play at 20% EXP Boost from 18 Nov 2009 – 12pm 6 Jan 2010, GMT+8!
  • Year End Flash Sale – Watch out for the 2-hour Dragonica Witching Hour Sales every Saturday from now until Xmas to grab limited and insane promotion packages before they’re gone!

Source of the final few descriptions taken from the official Dragonica Page. Further information on them can be found here

A Granado Espada/Dragonica Christmas and Final Fantasy XIV Beta Testing Opportunities 3

Finally, beta applications for Final Fantasy XIV for PC are now open. You can sign up at the following link <http://entry.ffxiv.com/>. From there, choose your region (For Australians, I believe you are supposed to put Europe, it let me login for that one) and then read and follow the prompts. This is currently only for the PC version with the PS3 beta potentially coming at a later date. Please remember it is an online game so this beta will take place on online servers.

Well then, keep an eye out on The Otaku’s Study for more news on Anime, Manga and Gaming and I hope you all enjoy these online gaming Christmas specials!

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