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[Granado Espada] Farewell to Mistress Hrin! Official Event Information


Attached is the Granado Espada Main Site announcement on the Farewell to Mistress Hrin! Screenshot event. For those that are interested in a bit more detail and with pictures, you can read my own post on it here.

[Community Event] Farewell to Mistress Hrin!


The GE Forum Community Team has come together to organize an in-game gathering event to give our final salute to the outgoing RCM, Hrin, as well as a warm welcome to her successor, Lorenza.

In lieu with this, we are inviting players from all 3 servers to participate in this simple gathering.

What: A gathering of all Selva/ETS characters in salute to Mistress Hrin, outgoing RCM of sGE

When: 6 September 2009, Sunday (all time scheds are GMT +8)

Bach – 1500 hours to 1600 hours
Rembrandt – 1600 hours to 1700 hours
Giovanni – 1800 hours to 1900 hours

Where: City of Auch, Channel 2

What to bring
– Selva or Emilia the Sage characters
– Fireworks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is this gathering for?
This gathering is a farewell tribute to outgoing RCM, Hrin, as she will be leaving for Glasgow, Scotland to pursue her MBA. This will also be a perfect time for the sGE community to welcome their new RCM, Lorenza.

What do I need to bring to join this event?
Just bring either a Selva or an Emilia the Sage. If you don’t have them yet, any character will do. Just make sure to bring only 1 character to prevent lag in Auch. Please also bring fireworks, which can be bought from the Item Dealer NPC found in every major city.

Do I need to top-up GVC to join?
Nope. This event doesn’t require you to purchase cash shop items; there are no level constraints, nor do you need expert knowledge.

Do we get to receive any prizes?
As this event is organized by the forum Community Crew/Moderators, we aren’t giving away any prizes. This is purely an in-game gathering where we recognize the effort Hrin put up for this great game.

Who do we coordinate with for this event?
The Community Crew will be online to supervise the organized flow of the event. Kindly get in touch with any of them when they broad in-game during the event day itself.

You can recognize the Community Crew with their unique wings as identification.

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Will Hrin attend this event?
Hrin has mentioned that she will make an appearance! So make sure you invite your factionmates and former players to attend this gathering as we see Hrin for the last time in-game.

Can I ask Hrin/Team GE for follow-ups on my game concerns?
There is a proper venue for that. As much as possible, kindly direct your queries in the forum or by dropping a ticket. The CCs will not tolerate any flaming/scamming/requests for items, vis, etc.

We are hoping for your support and cooperation to this event spearheaded by your CCs! Let’s show our love to Hrin for the last time!

Discuss it here.

Original Link here

So yes, all Granado Espada players please take part in this and make it a successful event! This also marks the first ingame event done by the Community Crew / Moderator team on the forums!

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