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GE Event Update


Good Evening everyone,

Was going to post this in the morning but decided it is already late enough now so what is another 5 minutes of sleep gone.

Us CCrew/Mods held our screenshot event today and it went absolutely well! Each of the three servers came along and, despite the incorrect time for Giovanni being added (Dunno whose fault that was but nah well), everything went pretty well. So we all logged in at 3PM GMT+8 ready for Bach’s turn at the event. Honestly, I think out of the three, Bach did the best screenshot, despite taking half an hour to get into formation.

Second up we had Rembrandt, my home server and I expected it to go just as smoothly, and we did get a decent screenshot, not as good as Bach I don’t think however it showed the love of the Rembrandtians and everyone who wanted to take part, did take part and didn’t muck around. Most of the faults were not related to the event such as someone setting up a shop in between the I and N. Still, good job everyone!

Finally Giovanni, which I spent an hour and a half with the Giovanni players and honestly, we began expecting only to produce a H at best, however as we drew closer to the published time, we got a lot more people and we were able to make that H R I N and it turned out pretty good despite the fact that some of our characters were newbies and we didnt have and pose books…. thank you to our kind suppliers of pose books!

Anyway, images will definately be up tomorrow, so keep an eye out! Thank you to everyone who took part 🙂

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