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TheAddicts – First Dragonica Guild…. Again!



Good Afternoon everyone, this is Sam reporting from the Dragonica CBT! First of all, you may be wondering if that is my character in the image and I shall give you the answer of yes. I have at the moment ditched the nekomimi ears and instead decided to use the suit and top hat. Why? Because it was in the cash shop and it caught my attention!

Now, for my first item to discuss on the CBT, I have an announcement to make….. TheAddicts has become the first guild of the Dragonica CBT, just as it did the Pre-CBT! While there is nothing special for it except the forum post and the knowledge we were the first player guild to form in the game, it is definately good to know that we were able to work as a team to get the 20 Gold together to form it in the quickest time possible.

As with last year, we decided to take a picture of the moment just after the guild formation. As you may recall, our images last time were taken in the Hall of the Dragon Lords, however with it being more cluttered with Elga in there as well as a certain few people who kept interrupting the shots, we decided to take it at the fountain in the Port of Winds, a location that can be seen from our hidden base under Etakon’s Tavern.


If you see us around, please say hello however do note we may not always be able to entertain requests for missions as we may be busy and we will not entertain beggers, we work hard for what we get and we believe that everyone can achieve success through time and effort.

Have a great time in Dragonica and keep an eye out for my next “The Newbies Guide to Dragonica”

TheAddicts - First Dragonica Guild.... Again! 3
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  1. Sorry, TheAddicts isn’t gone, however we are not as active as we once were (Having been in operation for a long time – most probably being the longest guild on Dragonica so far) therefore recruitment is not occurring indefinitely. I would suggest you find other guilds on the forum http://forums.iahgames.com/dragonica. There you will find plenty of guilds after members 🙂

    I do thank you for inquiring however and I do hope you enjoy your time in Dragonica =D

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