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The Newbies Guide to Dragonica – Part 3 (Cash Shop & Player Market)



Have you been playing Dragonica for awhile and felt like this poor fellow above (A Sam Wanabee), then hesitate no further as this segment of “The Newbies Guide to Dragonica” focuses on both the Cash Shop and the Player Market systems implemented into the game.


So you open the cash shop through the “Cash” button in any area ingame except a mission map, you are brought here. Might look a bit complicated at first however once you get used to everything, it is a walk in the park. Here is a description of everything:

At the top are a number of tabs which bring you to different areas of the cash shop. The upper tabs bring you to the different areas of the cash shop, which in this test include Weapon, Unisex Clothing, Male/Female Clothing and Consumables. Each of these are as explained below:

Weapon: Does not change any stats of your weapon but instead gives it a unique appearance. So if you do like to use a newbie staff but want to hide it, you can have its appearance replaced with a Poo Stick (Yes….). Sub-tabs include the different classes.

Clothing: Once again, changes no stats but instead replaces your clothings appearances to hide any mismatch in styles or even just to look great! The three types are Unisex, Male and Female clothings. You can buy them as either a set or as an individual item. Other tabs included are accessories and backpacks. Most of these can be bought for an unlimited duration, however some are only valid for a 7 and 30 day pack, mostly accessories.

– Consumable: This section basically includes anything else from special potions, enchantment protection cards and shop cards. There are too many to describe so it would be wise to check it out for yourself. IMPORTANT: EXP Boost Potions and Gold Boost Potions are currently unusable in the CBT and will be available for the OBT release.

So you may be asking how do you purchase an item. Well, first you MUST make sure you have the appropriate funds. Currently in the CBT you are given 10,000 gold which you may spend on any item in the shop.


It is as simple as burnt pie to purchase items! You just have to click on the item you want to purchase and you come to this screen. Choose how many items you want and then click on Buy. The item is then instantly delivered to your CASH section of your inventory.

But lets say you wanted to buy an item that is not in the cash shop and is instead a normal item. Whilst you cannot buy it outright unless it is a common shop item, you can try your luck in the Player Market by choosing the TRADE button on the bar at the bottom of the screen whilst within a town.


You are welcomed to a screen with a whole lot of player stores. If you are after a specific item, search it through the search tools at the top and left hand bars, however if you are adventurous, then click on a store and hope for the best (Note: Creating a Store will be added in another tutorial).


Once you find an item that you like, for example this Glory Child Hood, click on it and select BUY from the bottom right of the screen.


If you have the money, go ahead and select BUY. If not, go explore the world of Dragonica and get that gold to earn yourself your dream item! Also, you can buy cash shop items from the Player Market however expect them to be expensive in price, so explore harder if that is what you are after.


Through either way, or lots and lots of adventurering, you can soon expect to see something that sparks your interest. Even if it may take a while or a bit of money for the cash shop, if you can be happy with the appearance of your character, it really increases your motivation to play (At least in my opinion)!

Note: All information in here is valid as of the Dragonica Closed Beta Test held between the 7th May – 17th May 2009.

The Newbies Guide to Dragonica - Part 3 (Cash Shop & Player Market) 3
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