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Dragonica Screenshots – Emporia War



This is the steps of the waiting room before the Emporia War begins. It currently contains nothing much except this giant dragon statue and a potion vendor. Not very interesting true but it does have a nice open area which all your guild can chill out in before the game begins.

This is the first of approximately 6 images I have posted on the Emporia War. Beware people on 56kb connections that it may load a bit slowly for you.


A few of us arrived there early, as we were already in the guild before they publically released it. Generally, this included IAH Staff and Carinian Mods (Poor Jokulhaups fell in the background!).


As you can see from this image, any item you are wearing except a back costume does not appear on your character. Instead, you are forced to wear your corresponding classes Emporia outfit, with blue for the defending team and red for the offensive team.


There was up to 60 people on the field, with 30 being from the highest bidding faction and the other 30 coming from IAH Staff/Carinian Mods and select members of guilds. As you can see, there were numbers of people which did bring minor lag, but overall was pretty good.


Finally the battle started. The purpose of the battle was to, after a 30 minute period of time, gain the most points from beating members of the other guild. This can be done by getting one point for killing the opposing guild member and xxx points for defeating certain cores, as seen above.


After the battle, the guild IAH was triumphant! We all assembled back at the waiting room and took a photo! Of course, this is only a part of the group that did it.


As you can see, photos were plentiful. I managed to get interesting photos with people like Kenzai, Nuglar, Sakamoto etc. All in all, a very enjoyable after-event! Until a certain devious staff member threatened to disconnect us if we didnt leave (D=)

Hope you enjoyed the picture walkthrough of my time playing the Emporia War. I did skip out on the images of the battle as I should have some good footage to compile into a video to post here. If not, I will upload some more images!

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