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Dragonica CBT Delayed but Extended



Is this good news or bad news? The Dragonica CBT has been delayed! It is no longer on the 30th of April instead it is being held a week later on the 7th May. You may be upset by this, however there is a benefit, the test was only supposed to go for a few days so as a trade off, they are extending it by almost double the time (17th May). So~ You get more time to play with your characters.

If you want a CBT key… I have word that they are giving them out at OnRPG (2,800 keys left at the time of this post). If you don’t get a key there, do not panic, more could be coming out at any time!

Want an exclusive site balloon? No The Otaku’s Study does not have any balloons to offer however you may get a balloon from any of the following websites:





For guides on getting a key, please check out either the respective site or here for an overview.

Happy hunting everyone and see you all on the 7th of May! Until then, go catch up on some sleep, anime, manga cause starting from the 7th, you may find yourself lacking in those things due to addictive gameplay.

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