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Community Crew Recruitment Drive (1st December – 23rd December)


Calling all Active Forum Members!Would you like to help improve the GE Forum community for the better? We are after a good number of forum members to become the next wave of Community Crew members.

What do Community Crew Members do?
Community Crew members are basically members of the community who, whilst during their time on the forums, assist members with their problems, take an active part in discussing in the forums as well as many other things such as forming Community Crew Quests.

What skills are required:
The good thing is that you don’t need to be knowledgeable in everything. It is however required that you have an acceptable understanding of at least one of these three criteria:

  • Interest in Community – For example; events, fan art etc.
  • Granado Espada Guru – For example; knowledge in the game, quests etc.
  • Technologically Skilled – For example; latency, unable to patch and basically, all the basic issues that are found in the General/Technical Problems sections.

What are the benefits?
For being a member of the Community Crew, you gain a number of benefits such as:

  • Blue title for your forum name!
  • The custom title “Community Crew”, this can be added to any custom title you have previously received if you have one.
  • Sneak Preview of upcoming milestones!
  • Token of appreciation for each term completed!

Each Community Crew term lasts for 3 months, community crew who have shown exceptional performance will be invited to stay for another term. Crew members who are having difficulties in performing their roles will be relieved from their duties before the term is up.

How are applicants judged?
Applicants are judged by both the current Staff, Mods and CCrew however, whilst the final decision comes down to the staff members.

There is also several criteria each member must meet and are assessed on which includes:

1. Past contributions
a. Attitude
b. Friendliness
c. Helpful

2. Present and upcoming contributions
a. Attitude
b. Friendliness
c. Helpful

Also, the applicants are judged on activity within the forums as well as personality traits such as humor, ability to hold a good discussion etc.

How do I apply?
Simply submit a response in this thread with the following details:

Forum Name:
Family Name:
Skill Type (Select one of the three main skills above):
From a scale of 1-10, grade yourself on the listed skills you possess:

Also feel free to add a small paragraph describing yourself. This is not necessary however.

Please have all applications in by the end of the 23rd December 2008; 1200 hours

If you are an active GE forum member and wish to apply for the Community Crew, apply here.

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