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Some Sad News… Broccoli Books Closure


As announced here, Broccoli Books is going to stop distributing their high quality manga in North America, which of course means supplies in other countries such as here down under are going to drop much lower than they already are =(. Here is the post in case you are all too lazy to follow the link (Which I do think you should)

Broccoli Japan has announced the dissolution of Broccoli International USA.
This means that Broccoli Books will no longer publish books in North America.

As the operations manager overseeing various aspects of the company, I have lots to do in the next several months. But I’d like to continue to give updates on Broccoli Books production blog periodically about specific titles.

All of the book licenses revert back to the Japanese publishers at the end of this year. And we are working w/ them so that the titles can be released by other US publishers sometime in the future. We are gathering all production material, including finished books that haven’t been printed yet, so that the new licensees will be able to use the materials if they choose to do so.

There are a few titles that are currently in talks already, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide updates until the end of this year.

Also, we still have a lot of requests for dust jackets & stickers for all of our books, and we’ll continue to mail them out until they’re all taken care of. If you want the dust jackets & stickers, please make sure you mail them to us by early December.

Thanks to all of you who read Broccoli Books over the years.
We enjoyed working on every single one of them.

We have a lot of promo goods that will be tossed out at the end of the year, and I’d like to send them to libraries & school clubs as much as possible. If your local library (or school club) is interested in receiving promo goods, please have the librarian or club officer email pr(at)bro-usa.com with the subject line “Broccoli Books Promo Goods”

More updates coming soon.

PS. I’ll leave the comments open & will be reading them, but may not have time to respond. Please play nice. If comments start getting unpleasant, comments option will be closed.

To me, Broccoli Books didn’t have the high number of releases that other companies have, however I do feel that they released to a much higher quality, in thus it actually felt like a novel to hold, rather than a book and the fact that nearly everything they released catered to my tastes (I am not going to have to hunt down the releases that I haven’t got…. which I think is most of them xD)

It is sad to see them go, and I hope that a lot of other companies pick up and start distributing/finishing off what they have released already!

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