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Dragonica Alpha Test – My Impressions


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I have always been picky with games. I have ended up trialing many games, however while every online game has its charms, very few have managed to keep me active for more then a few months. I have been working for IAH Games in the Community Crew (A group of people who volenteer their time to help out the community) as the captain. During my time, I got word of another game being released to the Asia-Pacific region known as Dragonica. It is basically a side-scrolling MMORPG which has some of the most astounding anime graphics which would make any otaku into cute stuff go crazy. I now also help out on the Dragonica forums as well.

The Alpha Test was released on the 14th of June and went for two days. During this time, despite being buggy (Obviously since it was an alpha client “Development–>Translation–>Alpha–>Closed Beta–>Open Beta–> Full Release) it had a charm that I had not received since I played Granado Espada. What is it like? Well let me tell you.


Graphics: Despite alpha client being only about 500MB’s, I must say… they were definately some of the best I have ever seen in an anime styled game. I have no idea how to put it but there is just something wonderful about the kawaii~ character designs which is hard to find now-a-days with more games attempting to be realistic. First of all, the characters are shaped after chibi styled humans and currently have a good number of decorative costumes, everything from wings to cat ears. The landscape is vast and beautifully done for a sidescrolling game with both the towns and the fighting maps looking uniquely different, from deep forests to marinas.


Sound: At this time, there was only a small portion of the soundtrack in the alpha client. However there was some distinct differences between them and they suited the areas you were in. For example, in a boss battle, it was really tense boss music which you would find in any Boss Theme and in the towns, it was peaceful and harmonic.


Gameplay: The most important part on any MMORPG. I could be here for hours listing the small amount of features that were included into the Alpha Client. However, some of the best gameplay aspects include:

  •  There are currently four classes, which many second and third job potentials. There will no doubt be more classes to choose from as this is only a recent game worldwide.
  • The sidescroll system is perfect, which not only allows you to go left, right, up and down but also sideways etc. The closest thing you can get to full movement in a sidescroller game.
  • You are not limited to one set path, with many jumping springs which allow you to jump from one side of the map to the other (Sideways)
  • The combo system is great, allowing you to rank up hundreds and even thousands of attack combos in both your party and individually.
  • Very little kill stealing as at the end of the mission, every player gets loots depending on how well they do.
  • A very large community with friendly and helpful staff!
  • Lots lots lots more, that you will just have to see for yourself


My Overall Review: Check it out! It is as simple as that. The CBT starts on the 15th of July and you may be able to gain some keys from various websites listed on [CM]Kaye’s blog mentioned below. Hope to see you there!!!!!!

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