QPAC’s Queensland’s Own Season to Support Audience Capacities of Up to 50%

Earlier today, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) together with Queensland Ballet, Opera Queensland, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Theatre and Circa Contemporary Circus announced the Queensland’s Own season. While restrictions mean that we might still be a ways off before having major musicals grace the stage, the local companies are going to make our “new normal” a little more fabulous and creative these coming months.

The question is… just how many people will be able to fit into the Cremorne Theatre or Concert Hall? With QPAC’s recent Unlocked initiative, the events were limited to a stringent capacity. However, capacities are being increased to 50% of each venue. Given the ever changing nature of COVID-19 and best practices, there is always the small possibility of this changing.

The layout (pictured below) places seats in sets of two, leaving a gap of two seats either side of the chair sets. This would put audiences at a comfortable 1.5m opening in all four cardinal directions, adhering to current best practices.

If you cannot wait for the moment you can get into the theatre again; you can read more about the newly announced Queensland’s Own season HERE. From iconic works, to bite-sized performances to Queensland premieres, there should hopefully be something (if not lots of things) to appeal to all tastes in live performance.


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