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Georgy Girl the Seekers Musical is NOT Headed to Brisbane


Photo Credit: Jeff Busby
Photo Credit: Jeff Busby

It is a sad realisation that not all shows performed in Sydney and Melbourne will eventually make their way up to Brisbane. Although they have not ruled out the possibility of performing at a later date, the producers of Georgy Girl – the Seekers Musical have this morning confirmed that their show will not be performed in Brisbane “in the forseeable future”. According to them, this decision was made due to the “lack of venue availability”.

As it stands, the only way for those residing in Queensland to see this show is to head down to Sydney, where it is currently being preformed in the State Theatre (49 Market St, Sydney, NSW, 2000). George Girl – the Seekers Musical will be performed until June 1st 2016 at the venue, before moving to Perth.

About Georgy Girl – The Seekers Musical

Georgy Girl – the Seekers Musical spans the decades from selling millions of records and topping the charts around the world, breaking up in 1968 and eventually reuniting in 1993, when they reformed for their ‘25 Year Silver Jubilee Reunion Celebration’ tour, and to a sold-out UK tour last year for their 50th anniversary ‘Golden Jubilee’ tour (including two capacity concerts at London’s Royal Albert Hall) – and as of today, almost 14 million YouTube views of their classic I’ll Never Find Another You footage from 1968.

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