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Carnival of the Animals Begins Second Season at QPAC


Carnival of the Animals | Image taken by Myself

While Cirque Adrenaline might be circus arts for older audiences, the QPAC SummerSet series also has some fantastic circus arts on display for younger audiences and their families with Carnival of the Animals. Following its premiere season at QPAC’s Out of the Box festival in 2014 and subsequently entertaining audiences around globe, Carnival of the Animals is back in Brisbane to delight families for a second time through imagination and creativity in an educational, rich and fun theatre experience.

Carnival of the Animals has been created by the Brisbane-based Circa (in collaboration with QPAC’s Out of the Box Festival), and sets out to celebrate the “zoological diversity of planet earth”. This is accomplished through entertaining performers, a striking backdrop of digital animation and a new contemporary music score by Quincy Grant inspired by the symphonic work of composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

This show tells the whimsical tales of creatures of land and sea, who tumble, fly, leap and spin their way through the many wondrous worlds of the animal kingdom. The zebras juggle and flip, the kangaroos skip and somersault, there are elephants with street-cred, and even the dinosaur bones shake, clatter and roll to the music. I had the chance to catch a sneak peek at a bit of the show yesterday, and there were screams of excitement from the younger audience members on multiple occasions.

Carnival of the Animals is now on in the QPAC Playhouse Theatre, and will be run until January 13 2016. Tickets can be booked via the QPAC website or by calling their box office.

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