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Take That (In-Game) Snap Daily Photo

Journeying to the cursed world of Boletaria in Demon’s Souls
Is likely to bring despair and desperation to even the most hardened of adventurers…
But it seems like this one…
Can’t resist pulling a big toothy grin as they take a selfie!

Fittingly given the enhanced visuals they have delivered in the PlayStation 5 exclusive remake of FROM Software’s Demon’s Souls, developer Bluepoint Games opted to include a brand new Photo Mode. While there are many locales within the five areas of Boletaria to take a good photo or three… who can resist their adventurer giving the camera a wide, toothy grin? Nobody? That is what I thought!

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Take That (In-Game) Snap Daily Photo is an off-shoot of the Take That (In-Game) Snap article series, in which the first article focusing on Final Fantasy XIV was recently published. This looks at, celebrates and critiques how video game developers have implemented professional photography-like systems into their games. It will cover how the systems handle, just how accessible they are and, where applicable, how a modding community might be making these tools even better. With this Daily Photo spin-off series, I will be sharing individual photos from the games either covered or soon-to-be-covered in the series.

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