Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Pixel Remaster Version of Final Fantasy VI Launches on Steam and Mobile Platforms

The final of the classic top-down Final Fantasy games released prior to the transition to fully-3D visuals in Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has today rolled out their new pixel remaster version of Final Fantasy VI onto the PC...

Pixel Remaster Editions for Final Fantasy I, II and III Now Available on PC and Mobile

Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III have been available on numerous platforms since they first hit the gaming market many console generations ago. While it isn't hard to track down playable copies of any of these...

[Square Enix Presents @ E3 2021] Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Brings Classic RPGS to Stream and Mobile

While Final Fantasy I through VI have been available on numerous platforms for the longest of times, Square Enix is aiming to give them "life once more on Steam and Mobile" by announcing the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series....
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