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The Otaku’s Study – Temporary Changes to Anime Section


The Otaku's Study in September 2011
The Otaku’s Study in September 2011

Next week, The Otaku’s Study is set to celebrate its 9th Anniversary online as an independent website, and I am ecstatic to have joined many of you on this journey these years. Although I will admit my focus has deviated quite a bit over this time – supported by the addition of theatre and film sections to this site – it has always been great supporting the Japanese and international anime industries.

The anime section of The Otaku’s Study was the very first one added to this website, with the site originally being known as Sam’s Anime Study on the AnimeBlogger network. In January 2011, following a period where the section was almost abandoned, it was relaunched with the overall goal of supporting the local industry and helping people make informed choices about what to officially purchase or watch, through news, reviews and interviews. Although I do hope to one day further support the European market, to date The Otaku’s Study has had the pleasure of providing information about and reviewing releases from companies in both Australia and North America. For a site run by just one person, I don’t think I have done that badly…. while at the same time organizing other tasks and maintaining a high GPA.

The anime market has been ever-growing over these years, supported by the rise of video-on-demand services such as CrunchyRoll, Animelab and various other legal and official opportunities for anyone to check out the latest anime releases while supporting the industry. Watching this market in particular grow has been an absolute pleasure – and I personally consider it a very viable alternative to watching unofficial streams/releases. Although we have yet to see every classic and current anime series licensed for digital and home video release, we are (I hope) getting closer to that feat.

The Otaku’s Study in January 2014

Unfortunately, days away from the site’s 9th anniversary and 100’s of reviews without issue, I must announce a new temporary measure. While my posting of news and reviews related to the Australian anime industry will remain unchanged (Including events, release schedules etc), I will be strictly limiting my reportage of anything other than the occasional review with relation to North American anime publishers.

This is due to issues which are currently outside of my control, and due to my own hectic schedule (Impending graduation, academic commitments, sleepless nights and other demands on my time), don’t have too much time to deal with. Some articles may also be removed from the site should the action be necessitated (If so, likely sometime this weekend). Any removed articles will be archived however, and will hopefully be restored very soon.

All that being said, I will do my darnest to keep this website active as I enter the final stretch of my university studies, and look forward for everyone to join me for some exciting things planned starting June 2015!

The Otaku's Study - Temporary Changes to Anime Section 3
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