Square Enix to Release Vinyl Soundtrack of Bravely Default Flying Fairy This Month

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bravely Default Flying Fairy first releasing on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan (Known as just Bravely Default outside of Japan), Square Enix will be releasing a vinyl soundtrack OST in the middle of December 2022 for £30.99 or local equivalent. The release will be available exclusively through the Square Enix Online Store.

Included on this vinyl soundtrack, titled Bravely Default Flying Fairy – Recorded Journey – is eleven tracks from the original game, complemented by album artwork making use of the game’s original package design.

The songs being included are:

  • Onward Into the Light: An Overture
  • The Horizon: Endless Light and Shadow
  • The Bell of Battle
  • My Ray of Hope
  • Where the Winds Blow
  • Fledgling
  • Romantic Vagrant
  • That of the Name
  • The Evil Wings
  • Uroboros, the Serpent That Devours the Horizon
  • Onward Into the Light: A Ballade

The soundtrack of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy was composed by Revo, who is also behind a number of the Attack on Titan opening theme songs