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Yen Press Adds Five Titles to Fall 2023 Line-Up

Even more manga and light novel works are scheduled to commence being localised and published by Yen Press in Fall 2023, with the publisher announcing their acquisition of five titles spread across two manga and three light novels. More information on each new license can be found below. With the exception of the Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀ manga, all titles will be available to purchase starting October 2023:

I May Be a Guild Receptionist, but I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time (Manga)

Story by Mato Kousaka
Art by Suzu Yuuki

Alina Clover signed up to be a receptionist for the Adventurers Guild thinking it would be her ticket to the good life. Unfortunately, her dream gig turns into an overtime nightmare whenever adventurers get stuck clearing a dungeon. To save herself from paperwork, Alina takes to beating down monsters herself to solve the problem! Now she just needs to keep her activities a secret…

Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀ (Manga and Novel)

Story by Hayaken
Novel Illustration by Nagu
Manga Art by Moto Kuromura
Character Design by Nagu

Hero-King Inglis’s last wish is to live again as a warrior. But when he awakens, he realizes he’s been reborn as a girl to a noble family! When she’s rejected from the knighthood, she sets out to be the most extraordinary squire there ever was.

If the Villainess and Villain Met and Fell in Love (Novel)

Story by Don Haruna
Illustration by Chiru Ukai

The awkward yet heartwarming love story of a scorned, incompetent villainess and an unapproachable, genius villain. 

Despite her noble status, Brigitte contracts with the weakest type of spirit—and on that very same day, the prince publicly breaks off their engagement. No one shows much sympathy toward the once haughty young lady—except for the duke’s son, Yuri, who attends the same magic academy. Yuri is feared for his incredible abilities and icy personality, but with him on her side, her fortunes might change…

A Misanthrope Teaches a Class for Demi-Humans (Novel)

By Kurusu Natsume

I’m Rei Hitoma, a self-professed misanthrope, thanks to some past trauma. Just when I thought my new teaching job in the mountains would provide a chill, rejuvenating environment, it turns out that this school is actually for demi-humans who want to become full-fledged human beings! There’s a mermaid, a werewolf, a rabbit, and a bird…all of whom are now my charges. It’s my duty to teach them about humankind—and maybe in the process, I’ll learn a few things myself. This isn’t an alternate world or a case of reincarnation. It’s just the story of a teacher at a somewhat peculiar school, and his students who are striving to become human.

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