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So I got another voucher code for my regular manga-selling book store. So, I decided to purchase another three books since I had a bit of money spare. They are all published by Yen Press and two of the three have not been covered by me before.

Some more orders.... 1

Higurashi: When They Cry – Time Killing Arc Volume 1
Ryukishi07 and Yoshiki Tonogai

When the minister of construction minister’s grandson disappears amid protests against the dam project in Hinamizawa, detective Akasaka is sent from the Tokyo Police to investigate. Posing as a tourist, Akasaka becomes fast friends with Rika Furude, and the little girl almost makes him forget that he’s on a mission to find a kidnapper! But the sightseeing tour takes a sudden turn when Rika delivers a grave warning: Leave Hinamizawa…before you come to regret it…

I shall be open and honest, in the anime, this was my least favourite arc altogether, however in my persuit to complete the manga collection, I have purchased it. Hopefully they will pull it off well, since it may end up better than the anime arc. This occurs both before and after the Hinamizawa Disaster from the previous arc and focuses on different characters and a non-murderous storyline.

Some more orders.... 2

Geijutsuka Art Design Class – Volume 1
Satoko Kiyuduki

It’s Kisaragi’s first year in G.A.: the specialized art and design department at her high school. The timid Kisaragi has a lot to learn, but with the help of a very unique group of friends, even the most difficult lesson becomes loads of fun — if not downright silly! With the aid of full-color pages throughout, you too can learn the basics of color theory and become a great artist yourself! Satoko Kiyuduki, creator of Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, melds art class and manga in a whole new way!

Now, I have no intention of learning anything about art, and if it turns out to be a Learn to Draw book, I will definately shelve it for all eternity. However, judging from the anime version, I doubt it will be like that. I originally bought it because I enjoyed Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, and it would be good to have a similar book next to it on my bookshelf. However, does look like a good read.

Some more orders.... 3

Shoko Iwami

Kaede Takamura’s teenage life swerves to the brink of insanity when she comes face to face with her twin…or does she? Suzu is practically the mirror-image of Kaede — except for having cat ears and a tail and being far more well-endowed than Kaede thinks any teenager ought to be. But the Takamuras have no qualms about bringing this strange, happy-go-lucky catgirl into their home. With Suzu completely ignorant of the ways of modern society, it’s going to be a very long year for poor Kaede.

This was honestly just a random purchase since I had the voucher and decided to try out another series. Seems to be well recieved by the blogging community so hopefully it doesnt disappoint.

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Some more orders.... 6
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