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Figured As Much Photo Collection #4 – Date A Live Yoshino Halloween Ver.


Figured As Much Photo Collection #4 - Date A Live Yoshino Halloween Ver. 1

Building a collection of anime and video game figures is an expensive hobby. The small collection I have (some of which have been covered on The Otaku’s Study) has easily cost me a few thousand dollars to acquire over the last couple of years. Therefore if you are someone whose favourite characters shift with every season or prefer mainstream characters, and don’t have some form of disposable income, then it might not be the hobby for you. While the most popular figures will sell out during their pre-order period, in situations where you do have the luxury to do so, knowing a figure is tailored to your preferences is essential to ensure you get value for money.

As I have had to pull back from purchasing any new figures for the past couple of months, rather than write reviews of new releases, I would like to share a look at my current figure collection through this new photographic series. I hope my sharing these may help you in deciding whether purchasing a particular figure is a wise decision or note.

While I am not that much of a Date a Live fan and aren’t really pining after another anime season or visual novel release, I will say that the artwork for both visual novels and light novels in the series by Tsunako (つなこ) is of a high standard. Serving more as a secondary character compared to other Spirits in the DaL universe, there is much fewer artwork on offer for Yoshino compared to other characters such as Tohka Yatogami and Kurumi Tokisaki; yet she alone fulfils much of the series’ cuteness quota. While never seen wearing this outfit in any other media format, this figure adapts the Halloween Witch outfits worn by Yoshino and her puppet Yoshinon presented in a piece of promotional artwork. This might sound like an odd choice, but given she has already had her original outfit featured in many figures and the obligatory swimwear figure, I guess it is time to pull out more niche options.

An accurate physical recreation of the artwork by Tsunako, this figure is manufactured by Pulchra who has worked on a variety of different figures in the bishoujo category, favouring cuter characters. With a standard retail price of approximately ¥13,800 and coming in at a 1/8 scale (20.5cm), it is on the slightly more expensive end in terms of cost for such a niche figure. But there are some excellent features to merit the price somewhat. One of these is that the witches hat is magnetised, so can easily be re-positioned/removed without any hassle. Another I appreciated is that the broom was easily detachable, allowing it 365-degree movement in Yoshino’s hand. The one negative is that the base is arguably the tackiest of any figure I own in terms of design. It does not suit the character or her costume at all.

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