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Figured As Much Photo Collection #2 – Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz! – Kuro Beast Ver.


Figured As Much Photo Collection #2 - Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei Herz! - Kuro Beast Ver. 1

Building a collection of anime and video game figures is an expensive hobby. The small collection I have (some of which have been covered on The Otaku’s Study) has easily cost me a few thousand dollars to acquire over the last couple of years. Therefore if you are someone whose favourite characters shift with every season or prefer mainstream characters, and don’t have some form of disposable income, then it might not be the hobby for you. While the most popular figures will sell out during their pre-order period, in situations where you do have the luxury to do so, knowing a figure is tailored to your preferences is essential to ensure you get value for money.

As I have had to pull back from purchasing any new figures for the past couple of months, rather than write reviews of new releases, I would like to share a look at my current figure collection through this new photographic series. I hope my sharing these may help you in deciding whether purchasing a particular figure is a wise decision or note.

In a few of the short OVA-episodes associated with the home video releases of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA’s anime seasons, the three protagonists find themselves in “Beast Form” – taking on the appearance and some mannerisms of cats. These are separate from the class card transformations featured in the series, and typically feature more cutesy fanservice moments over anything else. While Illya’s version wasn’t featured in English releases, the episode involving Miyu and Kuro was.

In 2015, the first of three Beast Ver. figures were manufactured by Broccoli starring Illya, with Konen serving as sculptor. This is now a hard-to-find figure without spending a lot of money, and will undoubtedly be featured in another instalment of this photographic series. Fast forward to two years and Broccoli paired up with Sculptor Denki Unagi Hatsuden to develop figures for Miyu Edelfelt and Kuro in the same series. This is the most risqué of the three given her outfit is light on fabric and at points comes down to straps, but it is still an adorable figure worth considering by fans of the series. In my opinion, it narrowly toes the line between what can be openly displayed and what should be kept hidden and enjoyed more privately.

This is not to be confused by the 2019 Beast Ver. figure for Kuro, which is part of a separate collection manufactured by Aquamarine.

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