Skeb Extends Service to Enable Artists to offer Paid ‘Advice’

It is not as exciting as some of their recent additions to the service such as Text and Video support, but Japanese commissioning website Skeb has unveiled that users can now seek paid advice from their favourite artists, with prices available for 500 yen onwards. This feature has been rolled out to all Japanese and international users of the site, although surprisingly was enabled by default for all artists.

The idea is that, unlike the ‘text’ option which is geared towards more creative writing projects, ‘Advice’ will offer support for all file formats (Eg. Images, Text Files, PDFs, Videos and Audio files), but is oriented towards asking creators to explain techniques, details about their work environment, and other questions. The only exception is that none of the questions can contravene any rules of the service, particularly the somewhat controversial ‘do not contact the artist about anything’ rule.

I uhm and aaah about this, as social media has been a sufficient place to ask more causal questions and get responses from artists. But if an artist wants to charge for more professional feedback, then more power to them!

You can access the SKEB website by clicking HERE. You can also read my review of the service HERE.

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