Skeb Expands Requests Service to Cover Music and Videos

In early June 2020, the Japanese artist commissioning website Skeb expanded the types of requests they would accept. Previously limited to illustrations and voice work, they aligned themselves closer to what is offered by Pixiv Requests and began allowing commissions for text based works in the TXT and PDF file formats – allowing requests for novels, reviews, answers to Q&As and more.

Now in July 2021, the next stage of updates to the service have been rolled out. As of now, individuals can now list their music and video talents for hire. For videos, provided the video is produced by the creator themselves, it can be either an illustrated or live-action work. Music on the other hand only requires that the music be original jingles and theme songs.

This announcement also comes with the confirmation that Skeb will continue waiving the request fees, boost fees and transfer fees for all artists for the near future. This means that, for example, if you request an artist to create your artwork for 10,000 yen, all 10,000 yen will go to the artist in lieu of Skeb taking a cut. What does this mean? It means that for the coming days and weeks, you may see more artists open up commissions on the service, or potentially reduce their prices a little bit.


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