Skeb Adds Support for Novel/Text Requests, Announces Fee-Free Period

When it comes to people worldwide commissioning Japanese artists for individual requests, there are typically two services one would turn to – Skeb or Pixiv Requests. Both have their pros and cons, with each having slightly different artist options, feature sets and regulations. Having been around for years compared against Pixiv Request’s 8 months, Skeb has been more actively rolling out improvements to their service, most recently the ability to post multiple files with a request – perfect for distributing short manga. Today, yet another new feature has rolled out – Novels / Text.

Until today, the only products clients could request from talent were images and voice-over clips. As of now, support for text and PDF files have been opened up – allowing requests for novels, reviews, answers to Q&As and more.

Coinciding with this new rollout, Skeb will waive all fees to the artist (request fees, boost fees and transfer frees) between today and an unspecified date in the near future. This means that, for example, if you request an artist to create your artwork for 10,000 yen, all 10,000 yen will go to the artist in lieu of Skeb taking a cut.

What does this mean? It means that for the coming days and weeks, you may see more artists open up commissions on the service, or potentially reduce their prices a little bit.

To sign up and see what artists are accepting requests at the moment, click HERE.

Skeb Adds Support for Novel/Text Requests, Announces Fee-Free Period 3
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