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Udon Entertainment Release Border Break Artworks 2006-2012


bb-coverTargetted towards those who love the indicate designs of a well built mecha, Udon Entertainment have recently announced their release of Border Break Artworks 2006-2012 in English. Based on the Japanese arcade game “Border Break”, which has subsequently been translated into mecha model kits by Kotobukiya and bishoujou figures by Good Smile Company, this book contains 176 colour pages full of designs and descriptions of various mecha from the franchise.

Featuring artwork by Shunya Yamashita, this softcover book will set you back approximately $39.99. For that price, you receive technical drawings, rought concepts, character artwork, creator commentary, mech profiles and more.

If this sounds interesting to you, Udon Entertainment have a complementary 16-page preview which can be viewed via their website. Copies of the book can be purchased via websites such as RightStuf.com, AmazonUdon Entertainment Release Border Break Artworks 2006-2012 1 and select retailers.

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