Inaugural CrunchyRoll Expo Australia Experiences Complications Around Capacity

From the team that brought us the Madman Anime Festival in pre-COVID years comes the inaugural CrunchyRoll Expo Australia at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. A return to the pure-anime expo format we haven’t seen for ages on a large-scale, it is not hard to imagine there was a lot of demand from the community, especially with it commencing on the first day of school holidays in some Australian states. However… turns out that capacity proved to be an issue throughout the day, with some waiting hours to get let into the venue if at all.

This started with a formal announcement at 11.31am which was as follows:

While images showed that things seemed enjoyable for those on the inside, some of those waiting outside were sharing news of several-hour long wait times or being turned away from the venue. As someone who has planned special events before (albeit of a much smaller scale), I can attest to not everybody with a ticket showing up for an event. But especially with this being the inaugural CrunchyRoll Expo Australia, the first of its kind offered outside of North America, I would have estimated a morning attendance rate well, almost everybody. Here’s hoping that this is resolved next time around, and that this is merely the typical teething issues associated with many first-time events.

The CrunchyRoll Expo Australia team shared the below post via social media, confirming that they are “expecting capacity issues and long delays in enter CRX AUS on Sunday” and that they will be offering refunds to those who no longer wish to attend. More information can be found HERE, with information for both Sunday ticket holders, and those who had a Saturday ticket but never received a wristband.