English Dub Cast Announced for Kandagawa Jet Girls

While its video game adaptation released last year only featured the original Japanese voice cast, Sentai’s upcoming home video release of Kandagawa Jet Girls will feature dual-language audio options. With little more than a month until its North American release, the publisher has shared whom voices whom in this upcoming jet-racing anime.

A full list of voice actors can be found below:

CharacterVoice Actor
Rin NamikiKira Vincent Davis
Misa AoiDarcy Whitehall
Aqua ManjoD. B. Newton
SyocoCathryn Gray
Kaguya ShijuuinShelby Blocker
Kuromaru ManpukuMelody Spade
Jennifer PeachKatelyn Barr
Emily OrangeBrittney Karbowski
Ziyu PanNadine Russell
Dina PanNadine Russell
Fuka TamakiOlivia Swasey
Inori MisudaHolly Segarra
Manatsu ShiraishiEileen Dover
Yuzu MidorikawaJane Smith
Kiriko YoshitokuJoslin Johnson
HinaJuliet Simmons
Fumika Shinshijuin (Bunke)Velma Kelly
YamadaDelilah Jones
MinatoBrittney Karbowski
NarratorSamantha Kennedy
Rin’s FatherJohn Swasey
Ran NamikiEileen Dover
Risa AoiKatelyn Barr
Sweet Cocoa WaitressDelilah Jones
Hell’s Kitchen ManagerSamantha Kennedy
Jet-KunJohn Swasey
Race-ChanJuliet Simmons
Young Misa AoiDarcy Whitehall
Young Rin NamikiKira Vincent Davis
Additional VoicesBrandy Samalis, Brittney Karbowski, Delilah Jones, Eileen Dover, Holly Segarra, Jane Smith, John Swasey, Joslin Johnson, Juliet Simmons, Katelyn Barr, Kyle Colby Jones, Olivia Swasey, Samantha Kennedy, Velma Kelly

About Kandagawa Jet Girls

Rin Namiki’s greatest ambition is to follow in her late mother’s footsteps and compete in Kandagawa Jet Racing, where teams of girls on jet skis race while firing high-powered water guns to slow their competitors’ jets (and blow off their clothing!). But since there’s no jet racing in Rin’s remote fishing village, that means moving, all by herself, to a girls’ school in faraway Tokyo! 

Meanwhile, Misa Aoi dreamed of becoming a great player, but those ambitions floundered until Rin transferred to her school, displaying astonishing skill for a newcomer. Is it fate? 

Now they “only” have to resurrect their school’s Jet Riding Club, endure brutal training, and face some seriously skilled rivals… but even the toughest tasks are easier when you’re doing something you love with someone who’s quickly becoming far more than just a friend in KANDAGAWA JET GIRLS!


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