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26 Simulcast Titles Streaming to Aussies via AnimeLab Next Month


26 Simulcast Titles Streaming to Aussies via AnimeLab Next Month 1
Granblue Fantasy Season 2

Since The Otaku’s Study went on hiatus a few years ago, Australian and New Zealand anime fans have had the number of streaming services carrying anime increase. Some such as Netflix offer a limited number of exclusive titles, North American publishers such as Funimation Entertainment have opened up Aussie access to their FunimationNow service and of course you have the likes of CrunchyRoll. However back on home territory, Australia-based anime publisher Madman Entertainment keep adding new and back-catalogue titles to their AnimeLab streaming service.

With the Autumn 2019 season of anime getting into full swing in Japan next month, Madman Entertainment have confirmed that 25 new titles will (at least as of today) be simulcast this season. These include new instalments in popular franchises, new adaptations/works and a handful of recurring works. A full list of these can be found below.

AnimeLab is an online anime streaming service managed by Madman Entertainment. It’s accessible only to those residing in Australia and New Zealand, with the basic service free with quality, dub and availability timeframe limitations. For those looking for access to no simulcast delays, no ads, full backcatalogue access and high definition video can take advantage of a premium subscription membership for $7.95AUD/month or $79.50AUD/year.

My Hero Academia – Season 4

Adapting the Internship arc of the series, Season 4 sees key students of Class 1-A getting partnered with actual Pro Heroes in order to complete on-the-job training.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld

Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice.

Six months have passed since the two disciples and an Integrity Knight brought down the pontifex, Administrator.

With the fighting over, Alice has been living in her hometown of Rulid Village.

Beside her is Kirito, who has not only lost his arm and soul, but also his dear friend. As Alice devotes herself to looking after Kirito, she too has lost the will to fight that she once had as a knight.

“Tell me, Kirito… What should I do?”

Nevertheless, the time for the final stress test – one which will engulf the entire Underworld with tragedy – draws relentlessly closer.

Meanwhile, in the deepest areas of the Dark Territory, the Dark God Vecta has resurrected, as if to have waited for this very moment. Leading an army of dark forces, they begin their invasion into the human empire in hopes of attaining the Priestess of Light.

The human empire force led by the Integrity Knight Bercouli prepares for a war of an unimaginable scale against the army of the Dark Territory.

Even then, Alice is nowhere to be seen, nor the two heroes that saved the realm…

Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia

An adaptation of the Seventh Holy Grail War, The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts Babylonia Singularity of Fate/Grand Order. Two heroes travel to ancient Babylonia on a mission to save King Gilgamesh and the city of Uruk from beasts that threaten all of humanity.

Assassin’s Pride

In the world where only the aristocrats have the power to fight the monster—mana. A youth named Kufa is dispatched as a tutor to find Mareida’s talent, a nuisance girl born in a duke’s family. If she is not talented, assassinate her—that is the dark side of his task…

The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Goddess Listarte, the saviour of the super hard-mode world Gairbrunde, summons a hero to her aid. The hero, Seiya Ryuuguuin, holds the cheat-rank status, but he is ridiculously cautious. For instance, he would buy three sets of armour: one to wear, a spare, and a spare for the spare. Beyond keeping an absurd amount of item stock, he remains in his room for muscle training till he reaches the max level and fights slimes at full power just to stay on the safe side.

Granblue Fantasy Season 2

The boy, who looked up to the skies and aimed for the Island of Stars, has linked his fate and life with the mysterious blue-haired girl who fell from the skies. What the boy and girl encountered on their journey were companions they could count on and then an airship heading to their destination.

The two deepened their bonds and came of age while evading the pursuing empire and encountering the Primal Beasts. However, their path to the Island of Stars is but half complete. The boy and girl advance to their next journey with their companions.

We Never Learn: BOKUBEN Season 2

Nariyuki Yuiga is in his last and most painful year of high school. In order to gain the “special VIP recommendation” which would grant him a full scholarship to college, he must now tutor his classmates as they struggle to prepare for entrance exams. Among his pupils are “the sleeping beauty of the literary forest,” Fumino Furuhashi, and “the Thumbelina supercomputer,” Rizu Ogata–two of the most beautiful super-geniuses at the school! While these two were thought to be academically flawless, it turns out that they’re completely clueless outside of their pet subjects…!?

Case File No 221: Kabukicho

Shinjuku ward east side… The centre of the street with most chaos, There’s a Kabukicho with full of neon lights. When the light is stronger, the shadow is deeper. The story begins when certain bizarre murder happens one night! Suspense? Or Comedy? Drama that cannot identify begins!

No Guns Life

Ex-soldier Juuzou Inui has one question—who turned him into a cyborg and erased his memories?

After the war, cyborg soldiers known as the Extended were discharged. Juzo Inui is one of them, a man whose body was transformed, his head replaced with a giant gun! With no memory of his previous life—or who replaced his head and why—Inui now scratches out a living in the dark streets of the city as a Resolver, taking on cases involving the Extended.

When a fellow Extended showed up in Inui’s office—on the run from the Security Bureau with a kidnapped child in tow and asking for help—Inui should have just thrown the guy out. But Inui’s loyalty to a brother Extended makes him take the job. Keeping the child safe won’t be easy, since everyone seems to want to grab him, from street punks to the megacorporation Berühren, who have sent out a special agent that knows exactly how to deal with the Extended…

Azur Lane

Grotesque, strong enemy called Siren has suddenly appeared from the sea. In order to fight against them, a group of army Azure Lane has formed. They were successful in stopping the attack from Siren for a moment using warships, the different ideals from the people who formed it has shown. The story is about girls fight the strong enemies that they never face while dealing with the trouble in each camp.

Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7

Set in the year 2×19 in Tokyo, Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 involves the rise of a criminal organization named “Nine” that seeks to reclaim the power of the dragons, the legendary creatures that were said to have once ruled the world. In order to combat these criminals, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department forms a special unit of highly skilled but idiosyncratic individuals called the “Special 7”. Will the newly assigned (and completely strait-laced) Seiji Nanatsuki be able to fit in with this band of misfit cops in order to pursue his own sense of justice?

Val X Love

High-schooler Akutsu Takuma has learned to accept his lonely lot in life and is content surrounded by his studies, but when the god Odin taps him to save the world alongside nine Valkyries fueled by intimacy, Takuma can say good-bye to his solitary existence!

Oresuki: Only Somebody Loves Me, It’s You

What would you do if a girl you like would confess to you? Besides, what if it were not just one girl? Cool high school student that loves the whole school and your hilarious and cheerful childhood friend. Yes, you would be crazy with happiness. But, what if an unexpected problem arises because of the content of this confession?

Stars Align (Hoshiai no Sora)

The teen adolescence story revolves around the coming-of-age of boys in a junior high school’s soft tennis club, which is on the verge of shutting down. Touma Shinjou asks Maki Katsuragi to join the team for his vaunted abilities, and mentions a summer competition. Katsuragi asks for money in return for joining the team.

Kemono Michi: RISE UP!

Professional wrestler and animal lover Shibata Genzo is suddenly summoned to another world. Greeted by a princess, she requests to get rid of the evil beasts roaming in this world. Outraged that he was asked to kill monsters, Genzo German suplexes the princess. Unable to get back to Earth, he decides to live a peaceful life and manage a “monster” pet shop.

Jet Girls

I know we
Ain’t got much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah!
I said, are you gonna be my (jet) girl?

A world where a sport called “Jet Race” is all the rage. In Jet Race, teams are made up of two members: a Jetter, who drives the vehicle, and a Shooter who shoots at opposing teams with a water gun. Protagonist Rin Namiki’s mother was a legendary Jetter, and she dreams of competing in Jet Race herself, so she leaves her hometown for Asakusa, Tokyo. There she meets cool girl Misa Aoi and the two become a team. As they race against rivals, their bond as partners gradually deepens.

Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth

The heroine is a new officer works under the Narcotics Control Department of the Ministry of Health, a.k.a Matori. Narcotic medicines don’t work on her, and the story begins with her just entering the department and starting work with other officers.

Fire Force (Simuldub Only)

Tokyo is burning, and citizens are mysteriously suffering from spontaneous human combustion all throughout the city! Responsible for snuffing out this inferno is the Fire Force, and Shinra is ready to join their fight. Now, as part of Company 8, he’ll use his devil’s footprints to help keep the city from turning to ash! But his past and a burning secret behind the scenes could set everything ablaze.

Dr. Stone (Simuldub Only)

Thousands of years after humanity turned to stone, Senku and Taiju struggle to revive the petrified masses and rebuild civilization.

Black Clover (Simuldub Only)

In a world where magic is everything, the next Wizard King could be a boy without power.

One Piece – Wano Kuni Arc

The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance sets their plan into motion to recruit allies within the Wano Country to liberate it from the control of the shogun Kurozumi Orochi and his allies, Kaido of the Yonko and his crew the Beasts Pirates. Meanwhile, the Big Mom Pirates also head to Wano to get revenge on the Straw Hats for the previous events back on Totto Land.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. Now, as a series of mysterious events unfolds, Boruto’s story is about to begin!

Fruits Basket (Simuldub Only)

When an orphan moves in with members of the reclusive Soma family, she learns they carry a curse that turns them into animals from the Chinese zodiac at awkward times, and she resolves to help them lift the curse and restore peace to their family.

Fairy Gone Season 1 Part 2

In the fallout of a devastating war, ex-soldiers search for a new purpose and do battle using fairies, powerful magical avatars whose use is regulated by a team of special operatives.

Ensemble Stars

Yumenosaki Private Academy, a school located on a hill facing the ocean. Specializing in boys’ idol training, the school has a long history of producing generations of idols for the entertainment world out of the young men overbrimming with talents, like the shining stars in the sky. Due to “special circumstances,” you are a transfer student at the school, as well as the only female student there. In fact, you are chosen to be the very first student of the “producer course,” and your task is to produce these idols… We hope you will enjoy your journey with the idols you meet at the academy, as well as the vigorous ensemble that together you will make.

GeGeGe no Kitarō

Nearly twenty years into the 21st century, people have forgotten the existence of youkai. When a number of unexplainable phenomena plague adults of the human world with confusion and chaos, thirteen-year-old Mana writes a letter to the Youkai Post in search of answers, only to be greeted by Gegege no Kitarou…

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